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Visa weighing on Dow, Starbucks losing steam, Pandora plummeting

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance

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Visa (V): the credit card company experienced a huge selloff this morning, and is down more than 5% and responsible for about half of the Dow's losses. So why all the pain? Visa reported earnings yesterday and actually beat expectations but provided a disappointing sales outlook. The company says a drop in cross-border transactions in Europe is among a fistfull of issues in the near term. Visa shares are now dead-flat for the year.

Starbucks (SBUX): Though the stock is trending down, earnings were pretty good. They drove a 23% quarterly profit and reported the 18th consecutive quarter of same-store sales gains. Investors are a little uneasy over Starbucks ongoing efforts to diversify into food and, perhaps strangest of all soda. Starbucks now says it expects 2015 earnings will come in at the low end of its previously announced range of 15 - 20%. On the upside Starbucks somehow managed to avoid blaming the weather though they do expect less of a tailwind from commodity prices.

Finally we've got our friends at Pandora (P). The music streaming service opened a box of pain on investors last night. Pandora reported a loss of 6-cents a share and took down guidance for the current quarter. Though Pandora is still growing the company has yet to come up with a satisfactory answer to the question of what makes them different than the other companies fighting for the right to provide the soundtrack for our lives. With Apple and Google already finding partners elsewhere Wall Street is worried Pandora is going to wind up losing this high-stakes game of musical chairs.

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