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Visa Won’t Block Gun Purchases

Say Contributor

Amid widespread calls for companies to do more to combat gun violence, Visa has announced it has no plans to block gun purchases. No Credit In an interview with CNBC, Visa Chairman and CEO Alfred Kelly said the company has no plans to prevent customers from using their credit cards to purchase of firearms. Visa is one of the biggest credit card and financial service companies in the world. Lay It On The Law Kelly said that he felt like his hands were tied here, as he worried that once his company starts banning what consumers can buy, where does it end? " If we start to get in the mode of being legislators it’s a very slippery slope,” he said. "We shouldn’t tell people they can’t purchase a 32-ounce soda. We shouldn’t tell people they can’t buy reproductive drugs." He instead punted the issue over to lawmakers. Kelly is not alone in this regard, as earlier this year Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga also said it is not his company's job to limit gun sales. All Square After last weekend’s pair mass shootings, there has been a great push for business leaders to do more to combat the spread of guns, and there are a number of companies that have already made some steps. Newer, more-internet based payment services PayPal and Square do not allow customers to use them for gun purchases, and Apple won’t allow Apple Pay to be used to purchase guns and ammunition online, though the service does still work for in-store purchases. -Michael Tedder Photo via Visa.com