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Vision Academy CEO LaToya Jackson Issues Statement that She Followed Advice of Legal Counsel with Intent to Help Single Mothers Attain an Education

The following is a statement from CEO LaToya Jackson regarding recent reports in the Louisiana media.

Monroe, Louisiana, Sept. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

“At no time did I, or the Board of Learning Solutions Inc., maliciously mishandle state funding. All decisions made were as a result of advisement by our then legal counsel. At the advice of the attorney, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) was secured for a line of credit for Dream Academy, which at the time was a nonprofit subsidiary of Vision Academy.

“Integrity and professionalism are at the core of everything I do, which is why I made sure that all issues regarding funding appropriation were vetted and cleared by legal counsel. Vision Academy was successful at resetting students who had been unsuccessful in their past educational endeavors, helping them enter streamlined programs and four-year universities. All activities and discussions were documented and fully vetted by our legal counsel regarding this matter.

“All of the funds cited in the Legislative Auditor Report remain in the bank in the CD, and we are working to have them released and returned to the state.  At no time were state Minimum Foundation Program funds expended for the operations of Dream Academy. 

“For many teen mothers, dropping out of school to take care of their children is the only option they would otherwise have. Opening a co-op center was an excellent way to address this reality and get teenagers back into school and on their way to productive and economically sustainable futures. At no time, however, was a single dollar of the MFP money spent on Dream Academy. The MFP money was pledged, not used. It was pledged as directed by the company’s attorney and it remains untouched as directed. 

“Again, this structure was fully vetted by legal counsel and fully approved as a legal and appropriate option, per legal counsel and the Board of Directors. It was done in complete good faith and it is completely unfair and totally inaccurate to make any claims to the contrary.

“My life will always be dedicated to helping the most challenged members of our communities rise above their difficult circumstances. I will never allow false reporting of unfair, unjust and unfounded criticism to derail my mission or impugn my character.”