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A New Vision of Breaking the Communication Barrier in Traveling with Friends

·2 min read

The Discussion with The Winner Of DeveloperWeek 2020 Hackathon, Xintong Liu, about Tripanion


The Interface of Tripanion
The Interface of Tripanion
The Interface of Tripanion

NEW YORK, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Have you ever thought about communication problems when you book a trip with friends? People unintentionally face this barrier when they start to plan their travel on Expedia or TripAdvisor. To retrieve your latest booking, you must be familiar with toggling back-and-forth between different apps, such as messenger or phone calls, to coordinate with others. Xintong Liu and her teammates came across this problem and tried to design a new app that breaks the barrier of communication when people plan their trips. Therefore, Tripanion, the app offering group traveling service, was designed.

“Tripanion is a group trip planning web app where people can video chat and book trips together. Start by choosing a destination, and users can video chat with their friends while booking the best trip for everyone,” Team Leader Xintong explained. Users can plan, discuss, and finalize their trips within one platform and significantly increase their communication efficiency. In addition, the app will allow users to share their images and short-clip videos and even live-stream during their trips. The team wanted to increase the effective interaction between group travelers and avoid useless arguments on details.


(The Interface of Tripanion)

Tripanion was selected as one of the winners at the DeveloperWeek 2020 Hackathon. Xintong thinks the most important reason for the success of Tripanion is that the app really wants to solve the real difficulties of travelers. “I believe a good design should be based on evidence, intuition, and accessibility,” Xintong says, “Thanks to my teammates Tadashi Shimoda, Ankit Swarnkar, Nico Benndorf, and William Du, all of them are very responsive and collaborative. Our time was very intensive before the deadline, but everyone finished their part very well.”

As an employee who previously worked for Apple and Microsoft, Xintong used her solid UI/UX experience and knowledge for Tripanion’s design. She thinks UI/UX designers should have close empathy with target users. She studied journalism for her undergraduate and proceeded with a designer degree in graduate school. Xintong always integrates both critical and subjective methods when starting a design. Xintong is very proud of her team and herself when she sees people use their developed apps more frequently and easily. “It makes you feel you are changing the world,” she said.

Tripanion site: https://devpost.com/software/detra-traveling-service


Name: Susie Zhu

Email: marketing@hbmka.com