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Vision Solutions Collaborative Agreement With Microsoft Eases Migrations From VMware to Hyper-V and Windows Azure With Double-Take Move(R)

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 30, 2013) -  Vision Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of migration software, data protection and services, today announced that its flagship product, Double-Take Move®, will help enterprise customers and service providers move from VMware to Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and/or Windows Azure.

Double-Take Move is a proven tool that allows organizations that want to leverage the many benefits of moving to Hyper-V and Windows Azure from VMware but cannot afford to take their servers offline. With the capabilities of Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V is becoming the virtualization platform of choice for customers running mission critical applications. Customers and partners are benefiting from significant cost savings over VMware when migrating their datacenters to Hyper-V, and with Double-Take Move, the migration is easier and more productive than ever.

Double-Take Move automates the entire process "under the covers" within Microsoft's System Center 2012. Double-Take's complete management integration with System Center allows users to discover, configure and migrate live Windows virtual machines in real-time with:

  • Near-zero downtime migrations
  • Automated cutover
  • Test cutover
  • WAN optimization
  • Automatic VM provisioning

Double-Take Move allows users to migrate entire servers including the system state and file system (e.g. file and folder permissions, attributes, compression and encryption settings) without suspending or interrupting production operations. Its data replication functionality precisely duplicates an application's native write processes with real-time transaction awareness, enabling application migration regardless of whether another process has an exclusive lock on critical files.

Double-Take Move also enables partners and enterprises to perform easy, no-risk, near-zero downtime "anything-to-anything" migrations from any combination of physical, virtual or cloud platform into Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure. This allows users and applications to remain productive while the migration is happening. Double-Take Move provides the flexibility to migrate a specific set of data or an entire server all without suspending production operations.

"Windows Server and Windows Azure deliver a consistent platform spanning on-premises, service provider clouds, and the public cloud," said Brian Hillger, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft. "Double-Take Move is designed to help organizations avoid unnecessary downtime and complexity while coming aboard to take advantage of the benefits of our cloud platforms."

"TeleComputing recently embarked on a project to migrate a mix of physical and VMware servers over to Hyper-V to recognize both cost savings from VMware licenses as well as cost savings in the data center," said Jon Espen Carlsen, Solution Architect, TeleComputing. "Downtime was not an option as we have strict Service Level Agreements with our customers that use servers in our hosting environment. Double-Take® MOVE allowed us to perform the migrations within very minimal downtime and within the System Center Console. No other tool could have provided us the ability to accomplish this."

"Vision Solutions is excited to work with Microsoft to support near-zero downtime migrations from VMware to Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure," said Alan Arnold, EVP and CTO, Vision solutions. "Windows Server Hyper-V is a robust solution for customers and partners and now there is no reason to miss out on the cost benefits of moving to Windows Server Hyper-V. Double-Take Move allows customers with mission critical applications to migrate to Windows Server Hyper-V directly from the System Center Console with near-zero downtime without affecting their production servers during the migration." 

About Vision Solutions (visionsolutions.com)
Vision Solutions® is the premier provider of cloud protection and recovery, high availability, disaster recovery, migration and cross-platform data sharing solutions for IBM Power Systems, Windows, Linux, AIX and cloud computing. Vision Solutions' Double-Take®, iTERA™ and MIMIX® solutions make it easy for organizations to adopt cloud-based disaster recovery strategies, perform near-zero downtime migrations without risk, share data in real-time across platforms and move, protect and restore data, applications and operating systems of any kind on any combination of physical, virtual or cloud servers. And, not only do our products eliminate downtime, they continue to evolve alongside the most cutting-edge technology on the market.