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Vista Adds to Project Management, Development Team

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Aug 14, 2013) - Vista International Technologies, Inc. ( OTCQB : VVIT ), a pioneer in efficient Waste-to-Energy technology, is pleased to give investors an update on additions to its project management and development team. The following two individuals are currently working as consultants to the company, and both are expected to transition to full time during the commercial rollout of the next generation of our Thermal Gasifier. Note that the names of the individuals are being kept confidential at present, due to their work on the Company's pilot project, the details of which are currently being kept confidential as well.

The Company has retained as its Senior Process Chemist an experienced scientist who has worked in similar positions at both Dow Chemical Company and the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO. This individual has led research into new renewable technologies as well as increasing the efficiency of existing processes. He will perform similar tasks for Vista and will oversee the company's emission testing program for the pilot project. His background in advanced thermo-chemical processes and catalysis will serve Vista well as it optimizes energy production from its newest generation of Thermal Gasifier.

The Company has also retained the services of a veteran Business Expansion/Project Development specialist. This gentleman has managed the growth of multiple energy-based divisions of General Electric, with a specialty in efficient production, transmission, and distribution of electricity. He has consistently generated significant top and bottom line growth for the segments he has led, and has brought his projects in on time and at or under budget. Vista is looking to leverage his management skills and industry contacts to help the Company expand its business through proper project development and deployment.

Vista International Technologies, Inc. has been producing Waste-to-Energy gasification systems for over twenty years, with installations across three continents. The Company's technology has low costs of installation and operation, and allows for the processing of virtually any hydrocarbon-based waste product, including municipal solid waste, waste tires, waste coal, sewage waste, and biomass, among others. The company's Waste-to-Energy systems are emission friendly and extremely efficient, and can be used to produce heat, steam, and/or electricity.

For more information on Vista or this release, please visit www.vvit.us, or call 303 690 8300