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Visual Graphic Systems Inc. installs new Concession Stand Video Banners at Yankee Stadium, increasing concessions traffic and revenues

CARLSTADT, N.J., Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Visual Graphic Systems Inc. (http://vgsonline.com) announces the installation of new, state-of-the-art digital video banners at concession stands throughout Yankee Stadium in the Bronx in New York City, NY designed to increase traffic and lift sales.

Visual Graphic Systems Inc. installs new Concession Stand Video Banners at Yankee Stadium, increasing concessions traffic and revenues

Sitting above previously installed, digital menu boards produced by Visual Graphic Systems, the new wall-to-wall display of contiguous 55" monitors features stunning, dynamic video and imagery chosen by stadium staff to showcase food offerings, merchandise, promotions, and other branded content. The height, size, and vibrancy of the displays grab attention even from a distance, enabling visitors to spot concession stands and understand product offerings from a much greater distance, even in crowded conditions, and stimulate their appetites with compelling visual content.

Virtually every aspect of the new Concession Stand Video Banners can be controlled by stadium personnel either via internet connection or handheld tablet. The latter enables personnel to simply walk around and change content and visual effects on the spot.

This full installation immediately follows two test installations that proved successful in attracting more guests to their concession stands. "The stadium noticed that just by putting the video displays up, they attracted more clients to those stands, thus raising their revenues," explains Frank Alvy, Director of Digital at Visual Graphic Systems. "It worked out so well, they decided to have these displays installed above every concession stand."

The project is expected to finish in April this year with a total of 196 new video banner displays installed across all two levels of Yankee Stadium.

This digital signage project follows the massively successful installation of 650 Visual Graphic Systems Simplicity™ Digital Menu Boards over the past few years produced in partnership with Legends, the concession operator for Yankee Stadium. Legends found that the video menu boards, by pulling consumer focus onto specific items, helped to increase per check spend by 10% over the past three years (https://www.legends.net/en/hospitality/yankee-stadium-concessions-case-study).

The Simplicity™ Menu Board System also provides users with the ability to easily change menu items, calorie information, video, promotions, pricing and more – helpful when switching from a sporting event to an entertainment event in the same venue.

"Visual Graphics Systems has been supplying menu boards and dynamic displays for over 15 years and we are so proud to have been chosen to work exclusively with Yankee Stadium," says Alvy.

All Visual Graphic Systems displays feature:

  • Vibrant, dynamic 2D and 3D content produced entirely in-house by Visual Graphic Systems.
  • Ability to make changes to information, graphics, video, and imagery on the spot.
  • Display management possible wirelessly by hand-held tablet or via an Ethernet connection.
  • A scheduling feature to ensure the right content is displayed at the right time to lift sales.

Visual Graphic Systems, as a full-service maker of next-generation digital signage, also supplies complementary products to support traffic and sales, including digital menu boards, wall murals, freestanding displays, countertop displays, and wall/ceiling displays.

At Visual Graphic Systems, innovation meets value to produce extraordinary results. For over 35 years, our uniquely concurrent process, combined with real-world thinking, has allowed us to design (or utilize your own design), fabricate and roll-out incredible solutions, distinctly tailored to your brand. And with an in-house design studio, 110,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, product development, value engineering with intention, and rapid prototyping – all under one roof – we have completely redefined the term "integrated."


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