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Vivakor Nominated as Junior Minor of the Year by HEFFX and HEFFCAP

HENDERSON, NV--(Marketwired - February 18, 2014) - Vivakor Inc. (VIVK) announces that the Company has been nominated for the Junior Minor of the Year by HEFFX and HEFFCAP.

Matt Nicosia, VIVAKOR'S CEO, stated, "We are honored to be nominated for such an award and we believe because of the Company's performance both with the expansion of the technology and stock appreciation, the Company will continue to create value for shareholders."

The award can be viewed at the following link. http://www.livetradingnews.com/junior-mining-awards-31363.htm

About Vivakor, Inc.

Vivakor, Inc, is an asset acquisition company that develops and acquires assets that generate revenue currently or in the near term. The Company acquires technologies and assets in the fields of precious minerals, biotechnology, and alternative energy. We have several mineral assets that have great value and both create a cash flow and a long term revenue stream for the Company. We have effectively acquired positions in other Green Energy companies. We have several operating assets that produce revenues and cash flow to the company. Our business model is to acquire cash-flowing or near term cash-flowing mineral and or technology assets that an identified need or a substantial market opportunity with a significant market. For more information please visit www.vivakor.com.


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