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Vivica A. Fox reveals what she wants her 'next chapter' to be

Gibson Johns

Vivica A. Fox has no intentions of slowing down after almost three decades in Hollywood.

The scene-stealing actress, who has appeared in everything from the "Kill Bill" films to "Celebrity Apprentice," recently opened up to AOL Entertainment about her desire to keep going and what truly fuels her fire after all of these years.

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"I love what I do," she said on a recent phone call. "I love being an actress and being able to go into new chapters. So many times you see actors come and go, but I believe that's because they don't evolve themselves or don't evolve with the business."

Not only has she been willing to adapt, but she's also been willing to expand her horizons and take on new kinds of projects throughout her career.

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"I believe that versatility is the key to longevity," she explained. "For me, I love that I can host events and act and do stage plays. I love going through new chapters and not playing the same kind of character all the time. I love creating new chapters for myself."

One of those new chapters will be one that many of Fox's peers have begun to dip their toes into, as well: Directing. After directing a client's recent video project, the 53-year-old was inspired by the feeling that being behind the camera gave her -- and she wants to do more.

"I would love to direct more soon," she said with excitement. "It was so interesting to be behind the camera and direct and come up with the shot list and help with wardrobe and the storyline and all of that. More directing is definitely in my future."

Next up for Fox is the latest installment in the "Bring It On" franchise, "Bring It On: Worldwide #CheerSmack," in which she plays cheerleading influencer and expert, Cheer Goddess. The film, out today (Aug. 29) on DVD and Blu-ray, focuses on a worldwide cheerleading competition and was filmed in South Africa.

"We filmed in Cape Town, and it was amazing," Fox gushed about the filming experience. "We filmed in one of the Getty family's vacation homes. I just love going to South Africa. It's a long journey, but I've filmed 4 or 5 films there now, and it's a really amazing place."

As a former cheerleader herself, Fox was excited to get to be part of the iconic "Bring It On" franchise, though -- she notes -- we won't be seeing any actual cheering from her in the new film.

"I remember the energy of being a cheerleader and how exciting and competitive it can be," she explained. "I just love that whole world of cheerleading and seeing how it has evolved over the years. I was a huge fan of the original 'Bring It On' when it came out years ago, too, so I'm glad that the franchise is still around."

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