Vividata Announces Plans to Become the Number One Source of Digital Consumer and Audience Insights in 2023

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Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - October 10, 2022) - Toronto-based consumer data provider, Vividata, has revealed that it is setting out to establish itself as the industry-leading source of audience insights. Senior officials from the organization underline that Vividata is on track to achieve this by the end of 2023.

The value of comprehensive data-insights has been rising in tandem with the increasing digitization of Canada's corporate landscape. The benefits of embracing consumer insights and data-analytics have been widely documented; for instance, organizations that leverage customer behavior to generate data-based insights are able to outperform competitors by 85% in terms of sales growth.

Furthermore, research highlights that four out of five consumers want personalization from retailers. By turning to third-party providers of in-depth data across a variety of demographics, such as that offered by Vividata, brands are able to better understand consumer habits. They can then utilize this information as a means of introducing campaigns tailored to each customer.

The team behind Vividata outlines that it plans to consolidate the organization's position as the primary source of digital audience insights through its high-quality measurement database. Vividata regularly publishes a variety of data-sets on a number of Canadian demographics, including minority groups, cannabis consumers and Major League sports fans. It does this through its far-reaching SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer, which is the most comprehensive syndicated study in Canada. This measures data such as consumer psychographics, lifestyle choices, media consumption and brand preferences.

Through this study, along with Vividata's passive digital measurement panel, Metrica, the not-for-profit organization is striving to showcase its role as the currency provider of traditional and digital audience data for publishers. Its data has already been utilized by a number of corporations, organizations and advertising agencies in order to help them build their marketing campaigns.

In addition to this, as part of its announcement, Vividata highlights the importance that will be played by its long-established partnerships in achieving its 2023 target. Through these, Vividata is able to offer a range of insights that go beyond the comparatively less-detailed analytics offered by cookie usage, for instance.

In 2021, advertising spending in Canada amounted to $11 billion, and this figure is forecast to continue growing. The medium with the highest advertising spend was shown to be digital. Despite its origins in traditional media, in recent years Vividata has transformed its approach in order to include digital outlets. In doing so, it is encompassing all traditional and digital-related data into one database.

"We're delighted to be in a position where we can set this highly realistic objective of becoming the number one provider of digital consumer data and insights. This is a product of the strides we have already been making in the past few years as we have turned our focus towards digital media. We are excited to continue this progress into 2023," emphasizes Pat Pellegrini, Ph.D., President and CEO of Vividata.

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