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Vivo reschedules Apex concept device reveal for Friday amid MWC cancellation

Vivo is teasing smartphone concept with wildly curved edges ahead of Friday debut.

After a large number of the biggest presenters dropped out of the conference citing coronavirus concerns, the Mobile World Congress was cancelled last week forcing those who had major announcements planned to reschedule them on their own time. Vivo was one such tech manufacturer who intended to use the conference as an opportunity to unveil its latest concept smartphone; now, the company has new plans to reveal it on Friday. 

To get its audience stoked for the rescheduled unveiling, the company published a teaser image of the concept to Instagram which leaves it shrouded in mystery.

The device depicted in the rendering has radically curved edges -- no side bezels will be visible from the front. On the screen, the number "120" is displayed stretching from the top to bottom, a number which refers to the curvature degree of its "fullview edgeless display."

Last year, the company showed off the Nex 3 concept in Barcelona, a concept smartphone which featured 88-degree curved sides. Though this device never made it into production, the phone -- along with that which will be revealed on Friday -- suggests that the company's next flagships could utilize this extreme-curve display technology.