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Vlad Guerrero found the best way to celebrate Father's Day in the Dominican Republic

Vlad Guerrero may be retired, but he hasn’t stopped hitting dingers. (AP Photo)

It’s not often that we get to see baseball players play more ball after they retire. They usually become analysts or coaches or withdraw to private life. But there is one player who has not let retirement stop him from playing ball. So I’m happy to inform you that Vlad Guerrero is back at it.

And when someone says that Vlad Guerrero is “back at it,” it can only mean one thing: home runs. He hit a beauty of a homer in a softball game on Sunday, and it had special significance.


Sunday was Father’s Day in the Dominican Republic, and hitting a home run is how Vlad celebrated. (And considering that his son is in the Toronto Blue Jays minor league system, it seems like an appropriate way to celebrate.) We can only hope that Vlad hits home runs to celebrate other things, too. Like birthdays, or cooking a great meal, or finding an excellent parking spot. Imagine Vlad taking out a bat and a ball after executing a perfect parallel parking job and hitting one to the moon. People would probably just follow him around to see if he’d hit one.

If you can remember back to mid-July, Vlad hit another softball homer and then put on a fantastic celebration, standing and admiring it for several long seconds before taking off and making his trip around the bases. The one he hit on Sunday was a little different. He didn’t stand and admire it but rounded the bases immediately. And when he got to third base, there was a different kind of celebration afoot. His entire team had lined up along the third base line with their hands out, eager to slap five and congratulate him.

It’s weird to see that kind of celebration in any kind of game. But if you had a future Hall of Famer on your softball team, wouldn’t you find a reason to celebrate all the time?

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