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Vlad Guerrero's softball home run celebration is epic

Vladimir Guerrero hitting a two-run home run with the Texas Rangers in 2010, presumably thinking about what his future post-baseball home run celebration would be. (AP Photo)

We’ve been hearing a lot about Vladimir Guerrero lately because his son, 18-year-old Vladimir Guerrero Jr., played in the MLB Futures Game. Vlad Jr. is a top prospect in the Toronto Blue Jays organization and he picked up two hits in the Futures Game, so he’s already excelling in the family business.

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Vlad the Elder may be 42 with a son in the minors, but he can still hack it. The man hit 449 career home runs and just because he’s retired from professional baseball doesn’t mean he’s done hitting dingers. Vlad recently participated in a softball game, and unsurprisingly hit a home run. But it’s what he did after he hit that home run that is truly, truly amazing.

There are home run celebrations, and then there is Vlad Guerrero’s home run celebration, which is in a class all by itself. Wearing 27 on his jersey, because there is no other number for the great Vlad Guerrero, he smacks a softball into oblivion and then stands and admires it. And then — and then! — he turns and folds his arms across his chest and keeps right on watching his majestic softball home run.

It’s a truly epic celebration, but not in a showy way. There’s no jumping or cheering. But that arm cross? That arm cross says “Witness the incredibleness that is me and this awesome thing I’ve done!”

We can only hope that this is the beginning of Vlad the Elder’s softball home run videos. Will he keep using this cross-and-stare celebration? Or will he come up with something new? Don’t keep us wondering, Vlad!

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