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VoloMetrix Analytics Solution Delivers New Insights for Driving Strategic Enterprise IT

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jul 30, 2013) - Today, VoloMetrix -- an enterprise SaaS company providing actionable insights to improve organizational responsiveness and drive productivity -- announced a new application designed to dramatically improve the business impact of IT departments. The innovative solution enables CIOs and IT managers to focus their teams on the most critical business initiatives while empowering employees to be more productive. By providing transparency into the way IT organizations work, the new VoloMetrix application allows managers to diagnose the topics and issues pulling IT teams away from the organization's most important initiatives.

"CIOs know incremental productivity gains aren't enough to drive true innovation in today's rapidly evolving enterprise, but they are challenged to reallocate the resources required to drive competitive advantage and fuel real business growth," said Ryan Fuller, CEO and co-founder of VoloMetrix. "Our analytics solution delivers actionable insights for senior IT managers, allowing them to diagnose inefficiencies and align their teams with the most important business priorities at the organization."

The VoloMetrix solution aggregates and analyzes anonymous communication and collaboration data to unlock vital information that already exists on the corporate network. By synthesizing the data residing in internal email, calendar, social network, and instant messaging applications, VoloMetrix creates highly visual 'maps' showing where IT services are allocated. The VoloMetrix solution enables IT organizations to realign their resources, improving focus and productivity around strategic priorities by 10-20 percent. The solution's data-based insights can guide budget, resource planning, vendor relationship, as well as labor cost and charge-back decisions. Now, CIOs have real data to inform business plan development and execution for key initiatives that create the most value for the enterprise.

The VoloMetrix solution for IT is designed to provide new levels of visibility through three modules:

  • Organizational Diagnostics: Provides analysis of IT team collaboration patterns and workloads both inside and outside the organization, identifying opportunities to streamline operations and improve capacity.
  • Manager Dashboards: Empowers leaders to stay abreast of trending topics, avoiding reactive distractions by keeping teams focused on key projects. Provides real-time visibility into time spent on critical projects versus other competing demands. 
  • Personal Dashboards: Allows each employee to prioritize time on top priorities, reclaiming hours each day through a view into their actual time allocation. 

The VoloMetrix solution is designed to provide clear insights, despite the increasing complexities facing IT leaders today. As Forrester analyst Glen O'Donnell writes: "With each passing day, the problem of complexity gets worse. More complex systems present more elements to manage more data, so growing complexity exacerbates an already difficult problem. Time is now the enemy because complexity is growing exponentially and inexorably. The dilemma is this: if managing today's complexity is difficult, managing tomorrow's will be impossible." (Forrester Research, Inc., Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics, December 2012).

VoloMetrix has already been deployed at several Global 1000 companies, helping them diagnose inefficiencies and align their most valuable assets -- their people -- with the most important business priorities. VoloMetrix completed development of its IT application after receiving $3.3 million in Series A funding from Shasta Ventures in April 2013.

VoloMetrix's solution or IT is available immediately as an online service. For more information, please visit http://www.volometrix.com/deliver-strategic-IT.

About VoloMetrix:
VoloMetrix is an enterprise SaaS company focused on providing applications to improve strategic alignment and execution. VoloMetrix analyzes anonymous, real-time information from a company's email, calendar, instant messaging, and social applications to provide deep insight into how teams are allocating time, where collaboration can improve across the organization, and which important business topics need a response. VoloMetrix results are delivered in quick, easy-to-digest views through its Enterprise Sociograph, Alignment Indexing, and Realtime dashboards. The founding team and board have more than 50 years of experience helping the world's largest companies solve strategic and organizational problems. For more information, visit www.volometrix.com, www.facebook.com/VoloMetrix, or @VoloMetrix