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Volume announces Vyper partnership with EthCC Paris Hackathon raising $168k in prizes

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Volume is delighted to announce a partnership with Kleros, Aglaé Ventures, and CommComm happening from July 22nd-24th raising over $168k worth of prize money up for grabs to over 1,000 developers, creators, product managers, designers, and experts within the Web3.0. The Hackathon kicks off a new level of momentum across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Vyper and EthCC Paris Hackathon
Vyper and EthCC Paris Hackathon

Volume, together with sponsorship partners Curve and Vyper will join Ethereum France and EthCC at the official EthCC Hackathon and offer bounties hackers can answer to win great prizes for programming the best new Vyperlang applications that will run on the Ethereum blockchain.

"Vyper is a contract-oriented, pythonic programming language that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on the Ethereum Blockchain. Finally, Python developers all over the world can enter the Ethereum developer ecosystem with a language built with love for them. Given that Python is now the first language many developers learn at school, we're excited to see what the Paris and online community will create." said Taariq Lewis, Founder, Volume. "The future of blockchain software development begins again with Python. Ethereum was first written in Python so we're happy to see Vyper bring back a familiar structure to building on the EVM."

Hackathon Overview and Vyper Challenges

The EthCC Paris Hack, happening from Friday, July 22nd to Sunday, July 24th in Paris alongside the oversold EthCC Paris 2022 conference.

The event is hosting 300 guests in-person and over 1,000 participants online.

Participants are invited to attend in person and live streamed coding workshops including Introduction to Vyper, Blockchain, NFTs, Solidity, DeFi, Cross-chain, L2, and Rust. Most notable challenges are:

  1. Best NFT project using Vyper

  2. Best integration of Curve or Yearn using Vyper

  3. Best DeFi project using Vyper

Learn more about the event and registration by visiting Vyper's Event Listings https://volm.link/ethcchack.

About Volume

For blockchain software developers, Volume provides blockchain automation and scheduling software that manages smart contracts on any blockchain, enabling high volume execution to all protocols. Learn more about Volume. Join the Volume community https://discord.gg/3hGEeSJnK8

About Curve

Curve is DeFi's leading AMM, (Automated Market Maker). Hundreds of liquidity pools have been launched through Curve's factory and incentivized by Curve's DAO. Users rely on Curve's proprietary formulas to provide high liquidity, low slippage, and low fee transactions among ERC-20 tokens. Learn more about Curve.

About Vyper

Vyper is a contract-oriented, pythonic programming language that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Vyper's main's focus is secured smart contracts, simplistic language, and auditability. If you know Python, you are one step closer to being a blockchain developer with Vyper. Learn more about Vyper.

About EthCC Hack 2022

We have seen over the past year that we still need to continue building resilient systems, primitives, and to make it easier to unlock the potential of the creator economy in Web3. EthCC Hack 2022 is an opportunity to take the ideas and lessons learned at one of Ethereum's premier conferences, and put them into action immediately.

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