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Vote: Has the Fed Created Asset Bubbles?

Todd Bunton

Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen met with the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday. The likely future Fed Chair was asked, among many other things, whether she was concerned about the central bank's easy money policies creating asset bubbles.

Yellen said that she doesn't see evidence of major "asset price misalignments":

"By and large, I would say that I don't see evidence at this point in major sectors of asset price misalignments, at least of the level that would threaten financial stability."

Do you agree? Which asset class, if any, is most likely in a bubble as a result of the Fed's QE policy?

A. Stocks
B. Bonds
C. Real Estate
D. Gold
E. Other
F. None - there are no major asset bubbles at the moment.

Chime in below!

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