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Voyager Announces the Next Generation of E-Mobility with All New Space Shoes, Available on Walmart.com

Electronically powered hoverboard skates with self-balancing technology allow for a smooth ride in any setting.

EDISON, N.J., July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Voyager, a leader in the personal electric vehicle category with innovative designs and affordable pricing, has released the all-new Space Shoes - hoverboard-style motorized skates with a unique design, offering two separate skates that allow for more flexibility than traditional hoverboards. At an affordable price point of $198.00, Voyager is making it easier than ever to own the most advanced electric vehicle technology on the market. The Voyager Space Shoes are available now at Walmart.com.

The Space Shoes are the next generation of E-mobility, with two skates that are independent of each other. This groundbreaking design gives the rider more control over their ride, while also offering a sleeker look. With a max speed of 6.2 MPH and a range of five miles per charge, these space shoes are great for getting to class on time or just freestyling with some friends this summer. The self-balancing technology makes learning to ride quick and easy, and keeps the rider safe. The low weight of six pounds per shoe and a convenient strap makes it easy to carry your Space Shoes on the go. LED lights on each skate keeps the rider visible at night, and a battery indicator is located on the top of each skate, making it easy to see when you're in need of a recharge.

The Space Shoes are the newest way to seek out new adventures during the warm summer months, giving users the ultimate riding experience with friends. The Voyager Space Shoes are available at Walmart.com for $198.00. For more information on the Space Shoes or any other Voyager products, visit http://www.ridevoyager.com.

About Voyager
With a focus on convenience, Voyager implements the most advanced technologies in their designs to ensure the best user experience. The company is dedicated to developing the most innovative personal electric vehicles on the market. Its electric mobility devices are thoughtfully designed with style and portability in mind. They work with world class industrial designers to ensure that all Voyager rides are as fashionable as they are functional. Only the highest quality components are used in Voyager vehicles, which all adhere to the strictest quality control and certification standards in the personal electric transportation industry. Voyager strongly recommends all appropriate safety equipment and procedures be used when operating our electric vehicles. For more information, visit http://www.ridevoyager.com.