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VR massages: Like 'Black Mirror,' but actually enjoyable

Rachel Kraus

Esqapes virtual reality massage


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The Good

Unexpectedly relaxing • Affordable • Immersive elements are creative and effective

The Bad

It's not a real massage • Dystopian future vibes

The Bottom Line

The VR massage relaxes you by engaging your curiosity and giving you an affordable, any time escape.

⚡ Mashable Score 4.0

😎 Cool Factor 3.0

📘Learning Curve 4.5

💪Performance 4.0

💵 Bang for the Buck 4.5

I'm sitting in a shallow pool, with palm trees in my view, and the sun warming me from above — but my feet aren't getting wet. That's because I'm inhabiting a Virtual Reality paradise (courtesy of an Oculus Rift S headset), while a massage chair squeezes my calves and forearms, and a fan and sun lamp warm me and keep me cool at the same time.  Read more...

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