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Vringo provides summary of enforcement activities in Spain

Vringo (VRNG) provided an update of its ongoing enforcement actions against ZTE Corporation (ZTCOY) in Spain. On June 18, Commercial Court No. 11 of Madrid, specializing in Intellectual Property matters, notified its Ruling granting the application filed by Vringo to perform preliminary inquiries against ZTE in Spain on the basis of the likely infringement of Spanish Patent ES 2220484, the validation in Spain of European Patent EP 1186119, entitled "Method for transmitting a sequence of symbols". Court attorneys served the Court's order on ZTE on September 6. At the close of business on September 16, 2013, ZTE's period to challenge the decision of the Court expired. ZTE is required to deliver to Vringo discovery materials related to ZXSDR Base Stations, which Vringo alleges were introduced and distributed in Spain during the last five years.