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Vt. governor hit on funding source for child care

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) -- Advocates for low-income Vermonters are cheering Gov. Peter Shumlin's call for increased child care subsidies. But many don't like where the governor wants to get the $17 million to cover the cost.

In his second inaugural address last week, Shumlin proposed taking the money from the state portion of the earned income tax credit — a program that gives big tax credits — sometimes bigger than the taxes paid — to low-income residents.

The Montpelier-based Public Assets Institute is among the groups saying Shumlin would pay for helping low-income residents needing child care by taking money from the pockets from many of the same people.

A group of Progressive lawmakers, meanwhile, called a news conference for Tuesday where they were expected to pan Shumlin's proposal.