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VUCA Health Expands its Eco-Friendly Digital Medication Information Delivery Offering to Two More States - Totaling 46

LAKE MARY, Fla., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As VUCA Health continues its mission to help community pharmacies use less paper, the company announced today they now have a total of 46 states where pharmacies can allow their patients to opt-in to receive their medication information through a digital platform in lieu of paper.

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The company's eco-friendly solution, MedsOnCue, aims to address low health literacy while helping pharmacies save on costs associated with providing medication information normally given on paper. They've been working directly with Executive Directors and State Boards of Pharmacies to advocate for a paperless alternative to traditional methods of providing prescription information. After careful review of state regulations and inquiring with the respective Boards of Pharmacy, VUCA Health will now add Maryland and Rhode Island to its list of states where they provide MedsOnCue services. This brings their total state count to 46.

When pharmacies enable MedsOnCue, their patients gain access to information about their medication through a QR code printed on their prescription bottle. With Google and Apple's integration of a QR code reader into their camera apps, patients can now gain digital access to information they'd normally receive on paper, by simply opening their camera app on their smartphone, tablet, or any other QR code reader. Additionally, patients can access a short video about their prescription and even view a high-resolution image of their medication, reducing the chance of a dangerous error.

"We're hopeful pharmacies across the nation will soon be able to provide this digital alternative to their patients," said Richard Waithe, PharmD, President of VUCA Health. "While we're glad patients now get access to trusted information at their fingertips, I'm excited to help pharmacies save on costs in times where every penny counts."

Visit www.vucahealth.com/gopaperless to see the complete list of states.

About VUCA Health
VUCA Health provides a gateway to patient engagement that serves as an on-demand extension of pharmacists and other healthcare providers. They have built the largest library of medication education videos, available in both English and Spanish, that can integrate into websites, mobile apps, and patient portals. Learn more at www.vucahealth.com and connect on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @VUCAhealth.


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