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Vuclip Survey: 62% of Consumers Worldwide Turn to Their Phones First When Considering an Important Purchase

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 13, 2013) - Vuclip, the world's largest independent mobile video and media company, today announced the results of a survey focused on the consumer habits and lifestyles of mobile phone users across the globe. The survey generated 120,000 responses from unique users globally. The results indicate a growing acceptance of mobile phone use in social settings, and offer a look at the extent to which we view mobile devices as symbols of status. Perhaps most significantly, the survey offers some surprising statistics on where we look to first when researching an important purchase. Hint: it's not our desktop computers.

The survey results indicate that mobile devices are now the first place most of us turn to for information before throwing down a large sum of money. When asked what they do while considering an important purchase, 62% of respondents said they look up the information on their phones right away. Only 10% wait until they get to their computers to do research.

Those numbers shift dramatically with respondents under 18, 82% of whom said they look to their phone for direction before turning to their desktop, friends, or local retailers.

"We sliced the data expecting the key findings to vary from region to region, but really the biggest difference we saw in responses was less geographical and more generational. The under 18 crowd is really driving trends," said Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO for Vuclip. "Another big take away here is that when considering advertising, brands are missing a huge opportunity if they are focused only on the desktop."

Here are some other key results from the survey:

  • 56% of respondents name their phone as the first thing that people notice about them, before clothing, cars, or watches. That number jumps to 82% among the under-18 crowd.

  • When asked if they'd ever been criticized by friends for using their phone in a social setting, 58% of respondents replied "No, they're on their phones also," compared with 80% of the teenage demographic with the same response.

  • When asked if they'd ever been ashamed to let people see their phone, 48% of respondents replied "Yes, it's too old." 78% of respondents under 18 gave the same response.

Spotlight on the U.S.
Of the more than 120,000 global respondents, 5,000 were from the U.S. Results indicate that U.S. habits are generally in line with those throughout the rest of the world, although a slightly lower percentage of Americans (60%) said they look to their phones first when making consumer choices, compared with 66% in India for example. This is most likely because in emerging markets, mobile is not only the first screen, but in many cases the only screen respondents have access to.

Survey Methodology
The global survey was conducted over four days from February 23 to February 27, 2013. Users were provided with four multiple-choice questions and had the option to opt out. No incentives were provided for responding. For more info about Vuclip's survey capabilities, please email surveys@vuclip.com. To see more results please view this link for Global results and this link for U.S. specific results. 

About Vuclip
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