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VVDN Technologies and Intel Collaborate to Bring 5G IoT Gateway Solution to Market

GURUGRAM, India, Feb. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- VVDN Technologies, one of the leading ODMs based out of India, with the support of Intel, designed a 5G IoT Gateway Solution that will enable a new world of connected applications. Based on the Fibocom FG100 module with an Intel® XMM™ 8160 5G chipset, this 5G IoT Gateway can operate on both sub-6GHz and mmWave spectrum. The 5G IoT Gateway is planned to be available starting in 2020.


VVDN's Engineering and R&D Services team and Intel's 5G teams are joining together to define, prototype, test, and deliver this 5G solution. As a part of the project, the companies developed an LTE Cat 16 IoT Gateway with Fibocom L860 module, based on Intel® XMM™ 7560 4G chipset. This advanced gateway provides 4G LTE Cat 16 Internet connectivity via an 802.11n/ac dual Wi-Fi network, providing users with Internet access with speeds up to 10 times faster than the current solutions. Once connected, users can transfer data and stream media at speeds up to 1 Gbps. These features will be particularly important for the emerging use cases around the Internet of Things (IoT), where throughput, latency and performance will be essential to supporting usages with huge data transfer demands such as connected homes, small and medium enterprises, etc.

"The world is on the verge of transitioning to 5G - which comes with a promise to transform the world. The demand for faster connections and better customer experience are the crucial priorities for OEMs today. The teaming up of VVDN with Intel will empower the first wave of 5G Based gateway solutions. The 5G IoT Gateway Solution will provide OEMs with an opportunity to address the latency and performance challenge significantly and will enable the truly connected world." said Vivek Bansal, President of Engineering of VVDN, VVDN Technologies.

"5G will transform how we live, work, and play, ushering in a wave of innovation and enabling new markets," says Chenwei Yan, VP & GM of Intel's Connected Products and Programs. "Our work with VVDN will help operators worldwide extend 5G services to fixed wireless broadband, delivering experiences that benefit from lower latency, expanded capacity, and enhanced speeds."

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