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VW Bus To End Production, In Brazil

George Kennedy

We sometimes gripe about cars from other markets that are not available to American customers. Sometimes its EPA or safety regulations that makes this impossible. Other times, the automaker just doesn’t think it can make a profit selling it in the States. But when we found out that Volkswagen was still producing the “Love Bus” in South America, we became very jealous.

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But it appears that the Volkswagen Bus, which has been in production in Brazil since 1959, is now ending its run. In 2013. According to NPR, Brazil is trying to modernize its automobile market, and there is apparently no way to fit the Bus with airbags and other safety equipment without making it an unacceptably expensive vehicle.

00-VW Bus

The final production run will take place in Sao Paulo with the last buses featuring a special paint job and interior. The last Bus will roll of the assembly line on December 31, capping a production run spanning more than six decades and 1.5 million Busses. It will be missed.

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