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VW may use disputed car coolant -report

BERLIN, June 19 (Reuters) - Volkswagen may order large amounts of the disputed air-conditioning coolant R1234yf while EU rules prohibit it from using carbon dioxide, Spiegel Online reported, citing company sources.

German rival Daimler has voiced safety concerns about the flammability of Honeywell International's R1234yf. Last year Daimler was engulfed in a bitter row with French authorities and the European Union because it continued to use alternative coolant R134a, which did not comply with rules on emissions.

VW said on Thursday it aimed ultimately to use carbon dioxide for vehicle air-conditioning systems but would not be able to do so until EU rules are adjusted to allow it.

The Wolfsburg-based carmaker said it currently does not use the R1234yf coolant.

(Reporting by Andreas Cremer; editing by Jane Baird)