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Waffle House Employee Gets Arrested For Allegedly Pulling A Stupid April Fool's Prank

Ashley Lutz

A Waffle House employee was arrested for allegedly calling in a false robbery as part of an April Fool's day prank. 

Susan Tinker, of Hampton, Va., is accused of calling 911 and falsely reporting a crime, local station WAVY reported

"Once the manager arrived and surveillance footage was reviewed, it was determined the whole thing was a hoax as an April Fools Day joke," according to WAVY. 

Tinker, 20, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for falsely summoning police. 

Perhaps Tinker can commiserate with another young April Fool's reveler who was arrested. 

Mark Foreman, 21, allegedly sent a text to his girlfriend that a Friendly's restaurant was being robbed, and police were called to investigate. But he was released from prison, and the charges against him "aren't clear," according to NBC Connecticut. 

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