Wage On-Demand Jobs and Services App Puts Spotlight on Rising Gig Economy with Innovative "Story-Based Advertising" Original Series, Living Wage

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'Living Wage' Features Cast of Hollywood Actors, Comedians, and Musicians

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2021 / On-demand jobs and services platform Wage is excited to announce the debut of their new 6-episode original comedy series Living Wage, a heart-felt ensemble comedy about two gig-workers with big dreams created by Writer / Director Ben Morrison. The film series received a theatrical premiere on November 2, 2021, at the historic Laemmle Royal in Los Angeles, and is streaming for free on the Wage YouTube channel:

Living Wage | Whole Movie | #EarnThatWage

Additionally, highlights from the Los Angeles premiere, including Wage CEO Marcin Zgola talking about the ever-evolving gig-economy can be watched here:

Living Wage | LA Premiere at the Laemmle Royal Theater

Set in present-day Los Angeles, Living Wage tells the story of Jack and Sandra, two young gig-workers who are making ends meet through the Wage app. Jack is a French-Canadian immigrant who dreams of becoming a successful musician, and Sandra is an aspiring singer, currently swimming in debt, and each, is in for the week of their lives. The series follows them on a week of job-based adventures, from sentient smart-homes to delivering packages… and babies until they meet in the musical, yes, musical finale.

Writer / Director Ben Morrison leads the production with credits, including his recurring role as young Eli David on television staple NCIS, as the lead on the final season of Punk'd, and from writing and producing 140 episodes of the hit syndicated comedy game show Funny You Should Ask. A professional stand-up comedian for over 20 years, Morrison is a regular at the Improv and the Laugh Factory clubs. He is excited to bring his live-comedy sensibilities into the world of branded filmmaking.

Living Wage is the highly-anticipated follow-up to Superfunny Inc.'s first "story-based advertising" original series, Factory Made, an Office-style comedy made for skilled labor staffing giant FactoryFix. Living Wage is an even more ambitious undertaking in Superfunny's mission to transform the advertising world by using engaging stories that people want to reshare and set around the brand instead of increasingly irrelevant commercials that the cord-cutting generation is paying not to watch.

The Living Wage star-studded cast of actors, comedians, and musicians include:

  • Matt Becks from Living Wage and 30 Seconds to Mars

  • Maija DiGiorgio from Def Jam, Laughs, and The Maija Show

  • Ramon Fernandez from SWAT, NCIS LA, Sons of Anarchy, and Factory Made

  • Edi Gibson from Living Wage and Glee

  • Ben Gleib from the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Disney +'s Just Beyond, and Idiotest

  • Jodi Miller from America's Got Talent, Good on Paper, and Funny You Should Ask

  • Ben Morrison from NCIS, CSI: NY, Punk'd, and Factory Made

  • Paul Urcioli from Dave, The Wolf of Wall Street, Homeland, and Factory Made

"This 6-episode comedic series promises to entertain while educating about the exploding gig economy that continues to show signs of becoming the new working-class norm," said Wage CEO and Founder Marcin Zgola. "With countless individuals leaving their 9-to-5 jobs behind for the flexibility and freedom of gig work, Living Wage serves as an eye-opening look at the seismic shift in our work culture and the opportunities it offers everyday workers."

Viewers can stream the theatrical cut at the link above or watch episode-by-episode in the videos below. Or, search #EarnThatWage Movie in the YouTube App on your SmartTV to watch Living Wage the way it was meant to be seen.

Chapter 1 - O.L.I.V.E.R.: After a budding photographer turns on an experimental smart-home, he soon learns just how attached his new device is when he hires a personal assistant from the Wage app, and his home goes from brilliant to vengeful.

Living Wage | Chapter 1 - O.L.I.V.E.R. | #EarnThatWage

Chapter 2 - Special Delivery: When Wage-worker Jack shows up to help a pregnant woman deliver some packages to the post office, he soon finds he's in store for a whole different kind of delivery.

Living Wage | Chapter 2 - Special Delivery | #EarnThatWage

Chapter 3 - Telemetrics: When Sandra takes a driving gig for the mysterious Mr. Ace, little does she know she's going to get sucked into the high-stakes world of telemarketing. It's so crazy; you might need a warranty.

Living Wage | Chapter 3 - Telemetrics | #EarnThatWage

Chapter 4 - Christmas in July: Answering a frantic job request for a plumber, Jack reluctantly shows up to the house of an arguing couple and is about to unclog a lot more than their drain.

Living Wage | Chapter 4 - Christmas in July | #EarnThatWage

Chapter 5 - FurryFeet: Hesitantly returning to the house of the woman who gave birth in his car, Jack finds a new mother in need and a husband in a deep depression. Can he help them get their FurryFeet business off the ground and their marriage back on track?

Living Wage | Chapter 5 - FurryFeet | #EarnThatWage

Chapter 6 - Data Entry The Musical: Jack takes a data-entry gig in the season finale and reconnects with "Sandra, the Singing Wage Driver." As the keys clack and the beat drops, they break into a musical celebration of the crazy week they've had and what an adventure it can be when you gotta "Earn That Wage."

Living Wage | Chapter 6 - Data Entry The Musical | #EarnThatWage

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