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Wait — Stephen Strasburg did this again?

Last week, Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg turned heads with a pitch that hit everyone around the batter’s box.

The pitch ricocheted off the forearm of Philadelphia Phillies catcher Alfaro before clipping his own catcher Matt Wieters in the helmet and catching umpire Hunter Wendelstedt square in the facemask.

We’re not sure who got the worst of it. Alfaro caught the brunt of it on his arm, but even with a reduced rate and protection, a baseball to the back the head or face could not have been pleasant for Wieters or Wendelstedt.

One thing was for sure. It was a bizarre occurrence that many baseball fans did not recall having seen before.

Strasburg pulls off long shot in second straight game

Well. It happened again. With Strasburg. In his very next start on Tuesday.

Strasbrug let a fastball inside Tuesday against the Marlins that caught Miami outfielder Brian Anderson near his elbow before bouncing off Wieter’s shoulder into the facemask of home plate umpire Brian Knight.

Impressive. Here’s hoping somebody found a long-shot prop bet on Strasburg tagging three people with one pitch for a second straight game and cashed in big.

Strasburg struck out 11 on the night in a 4-2 win for the Nationals.

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For a second straight start, Stephen Strasburg managed to clip three people with a single pitch in one of baseball’s more bizarre occurrences all season. (AP)