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What It's Like To Wake Up And Find A Giant Sinkhole Near Your House

Alyson Shontell

This morning I woke up to a giant sinkhole near my apartment in Hoboken (caused by a water main break).

It's big. It flung sewage and mud everywhere. It flooded the street with dirty water. And it swallowed a resident's car.

The sinkhole was first spotted around 6 AM this morning. That's when the cops started arriving at the now roped-off scene. A pipe (or two?) burst under the road, which caused the pavement (and the car) to fall about six feet down, swallowed into the earth.

I visited the sink hole this morning. Here are some photos from my great adventure.

There were news cameras.

The ground was covered in mud and sewage, but it was flooded multiple feet earlier this morning.

Construction workers were everywhere. Here's one hosing down the muddy road.

Here's some of the dirty water they were trying to clear out:

There were a lot of construction workers there, trying to fix the pipe and clear out the debris:

Here's where the car had been swallowed. Somehow they got it out, and were now trying to fix the broken pipe:

Another angle of how deep it is:

And here's what it looked like early this morning, before the cops showed up:

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