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Wal-Mart announces expansion of Disc-to-Digital service

Walmart (WMT), at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, announced it is expanding its in-store Disc-to-Digital service to provide customers with digital versions of their previously purchased movies. Walmart will also be launching a new Facebook (FB) app. Walmart Entertainment's Disc-to-Digital Service, powered by VUDU starting this month, will have the capability to convert previously purchased DVD/Blu-ray movies to UltraViolet digital copies, a free, cloud-based digital library. It will cost customers $2 to convert a DVD or Blu-ray movie, and $5 to upgrade a standard DVD to an HD digital copy. Walmart is giving customers who sign up for a new VUDU account 10 free pre-selected movies when they sign up for an UltraViolet account or link to an existing account. Walmart's Entertainment App will be available for in February.