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Walgreens and CVS Would Also Like You to Not Take Guns Into Their Stores

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Following the lead of Walmart, two more retail leaders are asking customers to please not bring guns into their store. Please and Thank You The drug store chains CVS and Walgreens have both asked that customers not bring guns into their store. This news comes on the heels of similar requests from the grocery chain Kroger and retail giant Walmart, which also announced it will discontinue the sale of a type of short-barrel rifle ammunition that can also be used in assault rifles, once the current stock is sold through. In the past few years, businesses ranging from Starbucks to Target have also made similar requests. It’s also been pointed out, however, that while Walmart and Kroger have banned open carry firearms (meaning guns anyone can see, typically holstered on a belt) they haven’t expressly banned concealed weapons. Open and Close According to the gun-control group the Giffords Law Center, 31 states currently allow the open carrying of a handgun without a license or permit, although in some cases the gun must be unloaded. While the law varies by state, businesses are generally allowed to ban certain items from their premises, including guns. Because they are privately owned businesses, they aren’t subject to Second Amendment laws. Most states, for example, specifically ban bringing guns into any establishment that serves alcohol. Taking Action After two horrific mass shootings took place in the same weekend last month, there’s been a general call for business leaders to do their part to curb gun violence, and after some public reticence from Walmart Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon, the company took action this week. Now it seems like some companies, even ones that do not sell guns, took Walmart’s announcement as an all-clear to make their own moves. Though the NRA was predictably unhappy with the news, Walmart overall saw a 1% bump in its share price after making the announcement. -Michael Tedder Photo by Adobe {CVS, WBA, WMT, NASDAQ}