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Walgreens disappoints, Delta soars, Square CFO leaves

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Walgreens disappointed investors with its latest earnings report. Sales last quarter were below expectations despite an 11% hike in revenue. Part of the growth was thanks to Walgreen’s purchase of Rite Aid stores.

Delta Airlines is flying a little higher this morning after posting a beat in its latest earnings report. Total revenue and passenger sales climbed a better than expected 8%. The CEO says that offset higher fuel costs and he says Delta’s on track to expand margins into 2019.

Payment company Square is looking for a new CFO. Sarah Friar is leaving to take over social networking site Nextdoor. Square CEO Jack Dorsey said on Twitter of course that he was saddened by the departure. Friar helped take Square public in 2015.

Apple is making its biggest deal yet. It’s buying part of European chipmaker, Dialog Semiconductor, for $600M. Dialog is the company behind the power-management technology used in the iPhone. Beyond the patent technology, Apple will also get 300 of Dialog’s engineers and its offices in Britain, Italy and Germany.

AT&T is stepping into the streaming video service business In an effort to compete with Netflix. It’s planning to cash in on some major properties it scored during its merger with Time Warner Cable. At the core of the platform will be HBO, but John Stankey, Chief of Warner Media, says it won’t replace HBO Now. It’s expected to debut at the end of 2019. No word yet on the name or the price.