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Wall St. Cheat Sheet Lists Manilla as Great Personal Finance App to Keep You on Track

Annie McGee
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Wall St. Cheat Sheet recently listed Manilla as a great personal finance app to keep you on track. Reporter Sienna Beard writes, “Manilla’s app is great for keeping track of your bills on the go. The app holds information for all of your different bills and sends automatic reminders when your bills are almost due; it also reminds you when reward points are about to expire. More than 4,000 businesses – credit cards, utility companies, wireless carriers , and more — are included, but you can also add other accounts that you want to keep track of but are not available online (like babysitting).”

“The app offers easy access to bills, financial accounts, loyalty programs, and other options, and it uses one password, which makes it easy for users to access while still being secure. Also, unlimited online document storage is also included.”

Read the full article here.

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