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Wall St. tries to keep rally alive; Apple's privacy fight; Ford's pothole-fighting car

Wall Street (^DJI^GSPC^IXIC) is struggling to keep the three-day rally alive as oil slips following the U.S. inventory report and Walmart's forecast weighs on stocks.

Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous talks about that and some of the other big stories of the day with Yahoo Finance Columnist Rick Newman and John Burke, CEO at Burke Financial Strategies.

Silicon Valley supports Apple against the Feds

Circle the wagons. That's the tune Silicon Valley has adopted with respect to an increasingly high profile ruling in the San Bernardino mass shooting case. A federal magistrate ordered Apple (AAPL) to pony up secrets that would allow the Feds to hack the iPhone of shooter Syed Farook. After an initial period of silence, Google's CEO spoke up on Twitter. Then came a statement from Reform Government Surveillance, a coalition made up of tech giants including Facebook (FB), Apple, Microsoft (MSFT), Twitter (TWTR), and our parent company, Yahoo (YHOO). What will happen if Apple loses?

Walmart earnings woes

Investors aren't seeing a lot of positives in Walmart's (WMT) earnings report today. The stock is sinking as the biggest brick-and-mortar retailer predicted flat sales for the coming year. However, one bright spot is Walmart's website. The company reported online sales rose 12% last year. Should Amazon be worried?

Ford Fusion skips over potholes

It's winter. And for drivers in much of the U.S. that means potholes caused by bad weather. AAA says car damage caused by potholes costs $15 billion in repairs over the past five years. But Ford (F) may have an answer. It's new Fusion has technology that helps detect potholes and adjusts its shock absorbers. Are cars becoming computers with wheels?