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'Wall Street And Mathemagic' Helps Kids Gain Better Understanding Of The Stock Market

Joel Elconin

Real Life Trading and PreMarket Prep's “Wall Street and Mathemagic” webinar kicked off Tuesday, March 19, with a great turnout. Several children ages 8-12 participated along with a few adults wanting to gain a better understanding of the financial markets.

One of the highlights of the first webinar was when the session opened up to questions and we realized there may be some future hedge fund managers in the crowd. A few of the questions asked were about the Candlestick method of chart analysis and for an explanation of different trading systems.

The topics in the first course covered Wall Street, being an owner of a company and how companies raise money to support their business. A special feature of the webinar was the interactive poll questions that incorporated basic math principles. Needless to say, the youngsters were right on the money with their answers.

In Wednesday’s session, we delved into buying and selling shares of a company and the math needed to calculate profits or losses. The event concluded Thursday with the participants learning the math and mechanics behind building their own mutual fund.

The best part of the three-day event had to be at its conclusion, when the group had one last chance to ask questions. The final one: “When is the next class?” Check your Real Life Trading syllabus.

You can catch up and watch the sessions in the videos below.

Introduction to Wall Street:

Math involved with the buying and selling of stocks:

How to build your own mutual fund:

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