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Wall Street Transcript with Dr. Timothy J. Stultz, President, CEO and Director of Nanometrics Incorporated (NANO)

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Topics covered: Cloud Computing - Mobile Device Consumer Demand - Enterprise Data Storage Demand - Energy Efficiency, Cloud Computing and Telecommunications

Companies include: Nanometrics Inc. (NANO) and many more.

In the following excerpt from the Semiconductors Report, the President, CEO and Director of Nanometrics Incorporated (NANO) discusses company strategy and the outlook for this vital industry:

TWST: Perhaps related, you had a 40% increase in revenue in Q2. To what factors do you attribute that increase?

Dr. Stultz: We are benefiting from a couple of things in terms of our revenue growth and also our forward-looking outlook in terms of our business and business opportunities. The key one is that we are coming out of a downturn, and there has been reduction in investment in the industry for both capital equipment and wafer fab equipment. Importantly, our largest customers, which are Intel, Samsung and Hynix, are resuming their investment in new tools for new technologies, new fabs and new device architectures, and we benefit from that.

We are also starting to gain market share in a couple of other areas, notably in the area of pure-play foundry, which is incremental to our business outlook and our business potential. So it's both the turnaround in the industry as well as some market share gains that give us the support of both the growth in our revenues and the optimistic outlook we have for the rest of year and going into 2014.

TWST: It is one of your goals to increase market share in the foundry sector. Can you discuss progress you've made toward that goal?

Dr. Stultz: That's been an often spoken to key objective of our company. We've got very solid positions in advanced logic, market leadership positions in memory devices with our flagship technology called optical critical dimension or OCD. And the third leg of our revenue story is the pure-play foundry, where the largest customer in that case was TSMC, backed also by Global Foundries, UMC and SMIC. And this is an area that where the revenue contribution from that sector has not been on par with the revenue contribution to our business from memory and logic, and we have been...

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