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Wall Street Transcript Interview with Corgenix Medical Corp. (CONX) CEO Douglass T. Simpson

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Topics covered: Health Care Consolidation Activity - Cost Reduction and Improving Efficiencies - Chinese CRO Growth - NIH Budget Uncertainty

Companies include: Corgenix Medical Corp. (CONX) and many others.

In the following excerpt from the Medical Research, Diagnostic Substances and Life Science Tools Report, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Corgenix Medical Corporation, Douglass T. Simpson, discusses the outlook for his company for investors.

TWST: Would you give a brief historical sketch of the company and a picture of its operations at the present time?

Mr. Simpson: The company was formed in 1990 as a private company here in Colorado, focusing on the development of innovative immunology disorder devices and diagnostic tests for areas of cardiovascular disease, especially where there weren't good tests available. From 1990 to 1995, we were the first company in the U.S. that brought some of these markers to and through the FDA, then launched to the global market. We continue to focus on cardiovascular disease markers today, and in fact the products that were our biggest sellers in 1990 are our biggest sellers today.

In 1998, we went public as Corgenix Medical Corporation and began to expand our development program into liver disease and other immunology areas where there was an unmet need. Over the years, we've developed quite a number of very interesting products that we distribute and market globally.

Cardiovascular disease remains our focus, but we are still involved in liver disease, and also have a very active program in developing infectious disease products, focusing on viral hemorrhagic fevers. We've grown modestly over the past few years but starting last year began to show increased momentum. We have a global reputation as an innovative company with state-of-the-art diagnostic products. We currently market 52 different products worldwide, all of which are CE marked for sale in the European Union, and most are also FDA cleared for sale in the United States.

TWST: And Corgenix announced it will reach record revenues for the fiscal year that just ended. What were some of the keys to achieving that?

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