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Wall Street Transcript Interview with Dale Dusterhoft, the CEO and Director of Trican Well Service Ltd. (TCW.TO)

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Topics covered: Oil Price Expectations - Shale, Offshore and Deepwater Drilling - Unconventional Resources - Bundled Oil and Gas Services - Oil and Gas Transportation Services - Dividend Yields for Energy Investors - Domestic Crude Prices - International Energy Opportunities

Companies include: Trican Well Service Ltd. (TCW.TO) and many more.

In the following excerpt from the Oil & Gas: Drilling Equipment and Services Report, the CEO and Director of Trican Well Service Ltd. (TCW.TO) discusses company strategy and the outlook for this vital industry:

TWST: In which other geographic areas do you see opportunities right now, and what are the circumstances and factors that you believe are creating those opportunities?

Mr. Dusterhoft: If you looked at it, the Canadian market looks really good 2015 onward, and that's primarily because we are likely going to see LNG export facilities being built in Canada, and we have to drill a number of wells to fill them. So we certainly see a lot of opportunity there, plus we've got some very early shale plays that are really at their infancy, and we see opportunities as we develop those shales.

In the U.S. market, from our standpoint, we certainly have opportunities to grow our service lines. We're primarily a fracturing company in the United States, but we have opportunities to grow our cementing, coiled tubing, completion tool business and some of the other service lines that we have.

In Russia, the growth opportunity there is the Russian market is moving towards horizontal wells much like we saw in North America. There's substantial growth in the fracturing market as customers start to drill and fracture more horizontal wells, and we're starting to see that in Russia. It's not at North American levels yet, but they're certainly trending in that direction.

If you go around the rest of the world and the areas that we're in, the two that have probably the most growth potential are Australia and Saudi Arabia. Both of these areas are ramping up activity for different reasons. In one case, it's wells to fill LNG plants in Australia, and in Saudi Arabia, it's really for increased gas and increasing their oil production. Post that, I would say that there's other opportunities in regions of the world we are not in that will probably develop over the next five to 10 years. The whole world is moving to poorer-quality rock, which will increase demand for our services.

TWST: What developments in the macro environment and/or within your customers' businesses do you think could create opportunities for Trican?

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