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Wall Street Transcript Interview with David M. Morse, the Chairman and CEO of Location Based Technologies, Inc. (LBAS)

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Topics covered: 4G Infrastructure Capital Expenditures - Tower Cell Splitting - Global Wireless Spectrum Allocation - Consolidation of Components - Integrated Wireless Platforms - Increased Competition in Wireless Space - Next Phase of 4G Buildout - New Site Leasing Activity

Companies include: Location Based Technologies, Inc. (LBAS) and many more.

In the following excerpt from the Wireless Communications & Telecom Report, the Chairman and CEO of Location Based Technologies, Inc. (LBAS) discusses company strategy and the outlook for this vital industry:

TWST: It seems that the applications for GPS technology are exploding. Are you seeing that in your own applications and the emerging ways it can be used and things you can develop?

Dr. Morse: Absolutely, and you are right on. There's hardly a person or a business we talk with that doesn't come up with a new application or some measurable need to track something. It's all about what we refer to as the "where of things" information. So much money and time is lost in virtually any industry where assets, particularly mobile assets, are underutilized. Knowing where your assets and key people are is the first and necessary step to effectively managing those assets and people. So yes, we are seeing market verticals that we never expected to be involved in, but what is interesting is that these new market verticals are becoming savvy very quickly, and they're requiring specific information, they want customization and end-user interface information delivered to them in usable formats.

In some cases they want the hardware customized, and they want the data feeds directly fed into their IT systems so that they can manage, link and manipulate location data with other key company indicators. It is really getting interesting, and since we built our own hardware and our end-user interface from the floor up, we have more flexibility and capability for customization than most companies do.

Another part of your question was what are some of the important changes we're seeing besides market growth. There are lots of devices that are being built in China and other Asian countries that are flooding the market. Some of them are quite good, but many of them are cheap, and they claim to do almost anything. The cheap products are appealing to the market just because of price, and of course they have wide claims of functionality. But customers typically have very poor experiences with them and that often turns them off from other GPS products and solutions even though they may be of higher quality.

We are really careful about...

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