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Wall Street Transcript Interview with Duncan Middlemiss, President and CEO of St Andrew Goldfields Ltd. (SAS.TO)

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Topics covered: Precious Metals - Lower Gold Price Environment - Precious Metals Exploration and Production - Increasing Capital Expenditures - Emerging Markets Silver Consumption - Mining Safety and Environmental Concerns

Companies include: St Andrew Goldfields Ltd. (SAS.TO) and many more.

In the following excerpt from the Gold and Precious Metals Report, the President and CEO of St Andrew Goldfields Ltd. (SAS.TO) discusses company strategy and the outlook for this vital industry:

TWST: Can you also share some highlights from your background and current history and perhaps that of your key management team, and have there been any recent changes to your team?

Mr. Middlemiss: I recently accepted the role of President and CEO, taking over from Jacques Perron, who moved on at the beginning of October. I originally joined SAS in 2008 as the Vice President of Operations and later became the COO. I worked alongside Jacques to bring the operations online. I'm a Mining Engineer by trade, born and raised in Kirkland Lake, and I was the Chief Engineer of the Holt Mine, which is our flagship asset when it was operated by Barrick. One of the reasons I decided to join SAS was, I also believed in the potential of the property, and now 11 years after I left Barrick, SAS is tapping into some of that potential.

The rest of our senior management team is fairly stable and brings us a wealth of experience. Ben Au, our CFO, spent most of his career with Agnico Eagle, and has been a key player in the successful turnaround of SAS and balance sheet cleanup. Pierre Rocque, our VP of Engineering, is very familiar with our camp and has great technical expertise. Additionally, Doug Cater, our newest member of the team, is our VP of Exploration, someone who I've also worked with in this camp and is very familiar with our land package. He'll be finding our next big discovery, I'm quite sure.

At the site level, we have a great team. These are people in many cases we were able to attract back into these operations. They always liked working at the assets before and believed in the potential of the properties. No company can operate without board of directors, and I'm pleased to say we have a very strong board comprised of a good mix of disciplines, all with longevity in the mining sector.

TWST: Can you tell us about the company's core assets or its most productive mines, and how have these producers met with any goals or production targets during your watch?

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