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A Wall Street Transcript Interview with Gary Wojtaszek, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Data Center Solutions Provider CyrusOne (CONE)

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Topics covered: Initial Public Offerings - IPOs

Companies include: CyrusOne (CONE)

In the following excerpt from the 2013 IPOs Report, the CEO of CyrusOne (CONE) discusses his outlook and strategic vision for his company for investors:

TWST: I'd like to start off with just a brief overview of CyrusOne's business.

Mr. Wojtaszek: CyrusOne is a very large data center provider. We operate 25 facilities with over a million square feet of data center space in the United States, Europe and Asia. What makes CyrusOne unique is our focus on enterprise customers – our target customers are Fortune 1000 companies. Currently, we have about 130 Fortune 1000 customers, which account for about 75% of our revenue. We have been consistently growing at a fast pace, around 20% a year for a while, and as of early 2013, we successfully IPO-ed the company and are listed on Nasdaq with the ticker symbol CONE.

TWST: CyrusOne converted to a REIT last year, what was the reason for that, and how that's different from being a data center that's not a REIT?

Mr. Wojtaszek: From a day-to-day operational perspective, there is really no difference. In fact, one of the things we spent quite a bit of time looking at was the impact of converting from a C-Corporation to a REIT. The primary difference is that the legal entity formats change, and there are different tax benefits associated with being a REIT. But the way we engage our customers and deliver services to them is unchanged.

TWST: For a potential investor, is CyrusOne a REIT play or a data center play, or is it both?

Mr. Wojtaszek: It's a little bit of both. From a REIT perspective, all of our assets are real estate assets. These are specialized types of real estate assets, but 20-, 30-year-lived assets. What makes this attractive from a REIT investor's perspective is that we have a high yield and are a growing company. Real estate investments are very attractive to this type of asset class. And unlike other real estate assets that don't grow, we are growing at 20% a year and generating a significant amount of cash flow.

TWST: Can you give us a sense of your agenda? What's top-of-mind over the next 12 to 24 months?

Mr. Wojtaszek: We have been growing at, as I mentioned, a 20% rate of growth, and we're expecting to continue that growth for the next several years. From an expansion perspective...

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