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Wall Street Transcript Interview with James T. Barry, CEO of PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. (PSSR)

67 WALL STREET, New York - August 18, 2014 - The Wall Street Transcript has just published its Transportation & Logistics Report offering a timely review of the sector to serious investors and industry executives. This special feature contains expert industry commentary through in-depth interviews with public company CEOs and Equity Analysts. The full issue is available by calling (212) 952-7433 or via The Wall Street Transcript Online.

Topics covered: Regulatory Issues in the Trucking Industry - Trucking Pricing & Capacity Dynamics - Truckload, LTL, Parcel, Rail and Intermodal - Technology Adoption and Infrastructure Investments - Retail and Industrial Transportation Demand - Trucking Labor Shortage - Tight Truckload Capacity

Companies include: PASSUR Aerospace (PSSR) and many more.

In the following excerpt from the Transportation & Logistics Report, the CEO of PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. (PSSR) discusses company strategy and the outlook for this vital industry:

TWST: Please begin with a brief history and overview of PASSUR Aerospace.

Mr. Barry: PASSUR is a leading aviation business intelligence company. We are number one or two in almost every market we serve, which includes more than 125 airlines worldwide and all of the top North American airlines. We also serve more than 60 airport customers - including 22 of the top 30 North American airports - approximately 150 business aviation customers as well as the U.S. government.

This customer network is key to both the broad distribution for our solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiencies for our customers, and as a platform for identifying new opportunities to address expensive, complex operating constraints, improve predictability and improve the passenger experience.

TWST: Can you give us a closer look at some of the solutions you offer?

We address some of aviation's most intractable and costly operational and financial challenges, including underutilization of airspace and airport capacity, delays, cancellations and diversions, among other inefficiencies. Several studies have put the annual costs of such inefficiencies at over $30 billion. Our company-owned sensor or radar network, the largest of its type worldwide, provides information to our customers that would otherwise not be available to them. Essentially all other companies depend on information from governments.

PASSUR's independent network provides faster aircraft position updates - from one to 4.6 seconds - more complete information on aircraft, and we receive signals from aircraft that, when combined with our historical database of aircraft and airport behavior, allow us to know more about what has happened historically and what is happening in real time...

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