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Wall Street Transcript Interview with John Hammock, the President and CEO of ViewCast Corporation (VCST)

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Topics covered: Increased Mobile Content Traffic - Chinese Online Monetization Trends - Internet Infrastructure and Services Consolidation - Enterprise Adoption of Cloud Computing - Social Networking Economics

Companies include: ViewCast Corporation (VCST) and many others.

In the following excerpt from the Internet Services Report, the CEO of Viewcast discusses the outlook for his company for investors:

TWST: What is ViewCast?

Mr. Hammock: ViewCast is a company that develops hardware and software to enable service providers, cable providers, broadcasters, higher education, enterprise customers, government and others to take live video and deliver it over the Web. We enable them to capture live video and deliver it over the Web to any device, such as a PC, a laptop, Android, iPhone or iPad. These mobile devices are an important market for us right now because people want to watch live video as well as video on demand over mobile devices. So if you want to watch an NFL game on your iPad, for instance, we enable that to take place. Our government customers include large entities like the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress and IMF, to name a few. Other customers include major broadcasters and the BBC, as well as many K-12 and higher-education institutions and universities and major corporate customers as well.

TWST: What is the evolution of your technology at this point? Where do you see the New Osprey Card fitting in? How will it be accessible?

Mr. Hammock: We are very excited about our technology and new products right now, such as our new Osprey 800 series cards. Our new 820 product allows lecture capture, which is brand new for us. We believe that's a dynamic market, offering some higher growth potential for us. We have a new two-port HD card coming up that gives you two channels of HD. And then we have a new card, which we call the 845e, that gives you standard definition and four ports, but what's unique about that board is you can upgrade to high definition in the field. So you don't have to bring the card back in and rework it. You don't have to shut down three or four days and then ship it back and put it back in the box and reboot. That's really unique in the marketplace; it's one of a kind, so we're quite excited about the 845e.

TWST: Please give us an idea of what you see as the competitive landscape. How is that changing or evolving? What's the differentiator?

Mr. Hammock: Sure. In the past we were focused on the MPEG-4 space, which is the live market, and competition was much different 18 months ago. Today, thanks to our new product offerings, we're competing in the telco space and are also now beginning in the cable space including the larger-tier services with CDNs, etc. - so our competitive landscape is actually changing quite dramatically. I'm not saying that we are abandoning the existing markets we've been successful in for the last 10 years, which we're not. I am just saying that we're actually getting ready to dive into new segments and new markets that we have never entered before. This allows us to grow our revenue substantially.

TWST: Yesterday, Nielsen announced the launch of it's new Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings system. How can a company like ViewCast be impacted by this new technology? Will you be affected by this announcement?

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