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Wall Street Transcript Interview with Mark L. Kay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR)

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Topics covered: Application Software Consolidation Activity - Cloud Computing and SaaS Trends - Health Care Transition to ICD-10 - Outsourcing and Offshoring Trends

Companies include: StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR)

In the following excerpt from the Business and Application Software Report, the Chairman and CEO of StrikeForce Technologies discusses the outlook for his company for investors:

TWST: Would you begin with a short introduction and summary of what StrikeForce Technologies is today?

Mr. Kay: StrikeForce Technologies is a company that has software that prevents identity theft. We used to focus on our two major products, ProtectID, which is our out-of-band and other methods of authentication, as well as our GuardedID product, a keystroke-encryption and real-time antikeylogger, which has become real hot in today's world as keylogging viruses get enhanced every single day, including a major virus yesterday called the Citadel Virus that was announced in banking information technology news.

And we just announced a new product called MobileTrust at the San Diego MobileCON show at end of last October. We are very excited about that and we are really getting enterprises interested in deals and are a few months away from production.

TWST: Please talk about the strengths of the current legacy customer base. What new customers are now added to that focus? Is it reflected in the change in products or the marketing channels?

Mr. Kay: With most of the clients we do sign on with, we are not allowed to publicly state their names. However, we did close a couple of major deals in the past year, including one of the largest student loan companies and one of the largest, if not the largest, cable companies in the U.S. - one with ProtectID and the other later with our GuardedID product. The GuardedID product, based on that client alone, has over 5 million downloads, let alone another 0.5 million to 1 million through some of our other clients.

We are starting to see increasingly more companies dropping their secure hard tokens since RSA SecurID was breached and most enterprises use their security token. Since they were breached over a year ago, many companies certainly realize that they are more expensive and less secure because of their predictable next one-time password, OTP, numbers versus out-of-band OTP, which are 100% random.

We've seen a lot of activity in the out-of-band authentication solutions because of that and the increase in regulations. We've seen companies suing and acquiring companies in the out-of-band authentication space, and we own a major out-of-band authentication patent, which we feel very excited about its potential value to the company in many ways.

TWST: Please talk about the ProtectID solution and StrikeForce's uniqueness when compared with other authentication-platform vendors.

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