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Wall Street Transcript Interview with Thomas S. Rooney Jr., the President and CEO of Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERII)

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Topics covered: Asia Pacific Demand for Solar Energy - Government Subsidies and Regulation - Solar Growth Drivers and Headwinds - Regulatory Headwinds for U.S. Utilities - Alternative Energy Generation - Utility Infrastructure Capital Expenditures - New Market Opportunities in Energy - Electric Vehicles

Companies include: Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERII) and many more.

In the following excerpt from the Alternative Energy & Utilities Report, the President and CEO of Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERII) discusses company strategy and the outlook for this vital industry:

TWST: Can you begin with an introduction to Energy Recovery, including some highlights from the company's history?

Mr. Rooney: Energy Recovery is a publicly traded company on Nasdaq, traded under the ticker symbol ERII. We manufacture mechanical devices that are used to recover and recycle energy from pressurized fluid flows. Our signature product is a pressure exchanger, or PX device, which is based on a technology developed in Europe several decades ago and perfected around the year 2000. Our PX technology is the leading ingredient brand in the process of desalinating water, or creating potable water from salt water. Today in 2014, it is so popular that we have 90% market share, and 15,000 installations across seven continents and floating on every ocean on the planet.

Energy Recovery's PX is now considered an essential technology for desalinating water - and for good reason. This game-changing technology helped make desalination affordable by saving clients energy. You see, desalination is quite energy-consumptive. Without recovering this energy from fluid flows, a desalination plant would not be economically viable because their power bill would be 2.5 times more expensive.

By using our PX technology, energy that would be wasted in the process is captured and recycled. The power of our business is that this technology can work for any fluid under pressure. It doesn't have to be water. Over the past three years, we've taken our core technology and applied it to pressurized fluids in oil and gas, and in other industrial applications, helping make those processes far more energy-efficient. That's the essence of who we are. We're fluid innovators.

TWST: Let's discuss your entry into the oil and gas market. Can you just tell us about whom you're serving in that industry and your expectations of that part of the business?

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