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Walmart boosts outlook, JCPenney falls short, Victoria’s Secret CEO leaving

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team is watching for you today.

Walmart posted a strong quarter boosted by soaring online sales. Revenue fell slightly but earnings beat and it’s raising its sales forecast for the holidays. The CEO says they see momentum thanks to the strong economic outlook.

It’s a different story at JCPenney. The stock is under pressure after posting a miss on revenue. Same store sales also sliding and they cut their sales forecast as well. The once mighty department store chain recently brought in a new CEO, Jill Soltau, in hopes of turning things around.

Victoria’s Secret and its parent company L Brands is reportedly losing a top executive. The store’s CEO, Jan Singer, is stepping down after two years leading the lingerie brand. It’s not clear who will take over. Victoria’s Secret has been in the spotlight in recent weeks after the marketing chief said it had  “no interest” in featuring plus-sized or trans models in its annual fashion show.

A very big deal for Lockheed Martin. The aerospace giant just landed a nearly $23 billion Pentagon contract to make hundreds of F-35. Each of those fighter jets costs upwards of $80 million. Lockheed Martin says the deal will be good for taxpayers, since it takes the price tag down by about $10 million per jet.

Uber Eats is now worth as much as Twitter. The company revealed in its latest earnings report that customers ordered some $2 billion worth of food, and revenue in the brand is up 150% from last year. Many customers never even take Uber rides, just use it to order food. However, Uber’s overall numbers, were not so strong, with slowing growth and widening losses as the company readies to IPO.