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Walmart customer hits back after company says her story about a cashier isn't true

Hayley Peterson

(KRDO News)
Paige Yore.

A Walmart customer is defending herself after the company said her account of an interaction with a cashier wasn’t true.

Walmart made the claim after Paige Yore recorded a video about her interaction that went viral, with more than 25 million views in four days.

“What I am doing is not about the fame, it’s not about the money, it’s not about being on ABC,” Yore told KRDO News in response to Walmart’s claims. “It’s about touching people’s lives in a world where we all forget what the meaning of Christmas is.”

Yore claims in her video that she was standing in a Walmart checkout line when she noticed that the cashier was having trouble ringing up customers’ items. He seemed distraught and appeared to be having trouble remembering the codes for certain items, she said.

A customer started shouting at the cashier for being slow, and Yore stepped in to try and calm the woman down, she claims.

The cashier then hugged Yore and told her his mom had committed suicide that morning but he had to report to work so he could pay the rent and bills, according to Yore.

“Even if your customer service sucks, even if whatever happens, somebody is rude to you being your customer service, don’t jump down their throat because they are fighting a battle that none of us know about,” Yore says in the video.

Walmart has since claimed the video is a hoax.

The company told BuzzFeed News that it reviewed video footage from the store where the interaction allegedly happened and found no evidence of Yore hugging her cashier.

The company also reached out to the cashier and says his mother is still alive.

Yore is standing by her claims. 

She said her experience “just happened to go viral.”

“Did I plan on it? Absolutely not,” she told KRDO News. “Did I want that? Probably not.”

Here’s Yore’s video:

My Friday experience….. This will hit home…. You never know who’s fighting what battle. Watch what you say…..

Posted by
Paige Yore
on Friday, December 4, 2015


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