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Walmart set to surpass Apple as the 3rd-largest online retailer

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Editor-in-chief Andy SerwerSeana SmithKristin Myers, Alexis Keenan, Scott Gamm, Brian Sozzi, Sibile MarcellusJulia La Roche, Daniel Howley and Alanna Petroff discuss today’s top stories.

Today’s topics include:

  • Walmart is on pace to overtake Apple as 3rd largest E-tailer: eMarketer.com
  • P&G earnings beat expectations
  • ETF aims to beat the market using AI
  • Store credit cards hit shoppers with high aprs despite rewards
  • Facebook ran shadow campaign to discredit critics amid crisis: NYT
  • GE bonds fall to junk levels, spending plan roils investors
  • JCPenney sees major slide in same-store sales, falls short on revenue
  • Turnover in White House costs tax payers millions: RPT

El gigante de la distribución Walmart aumentó este jueves su previsión de ganancias para el año, tras un buen tercer trimestre en ventas en todas sus líneas y en casi todos los mercados donde está presente