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Walmart takes on Amazon and Hillary Clinton outlines business plan

Stocks (^DJI, ^GSPC, ^IXIC) are on the run higher today after what seems may be a temporary solution to the Greek debt crisis. The plan still needs the endorsement of Greek parliament and will not end the saga for good, but should, at the very least, calm the market for the time being or force it to look elsewhere (earnings season? rate hike?) for the next tailwind or headwind.

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Here are some of the other stories Yahoo Finance is keeping an eye on today:

Hillary Clinton's business plan
Hillary Clinton delivered plenty of rhetoric and even a few details on what her presidency might look like for corporate America and the labor force it employs. She touched on a wide variety of issues that she says would all impact the incomes of average Americans. Among those issues: immigration reform, wage growth, infrastructure, clean energy and profit sharing.

Walmart vs. Amazon
Walmart (WMT) is taking on Amazon's (AMZN) 'Prime Day' with its own massive sale. Just one week after Amazon announced a day of discounts to rival Black Friday, Walmart is getting in on the action. The retailer plans to offer more than 2,000 online-exclusive sales starting Wednesday.

Comcast's new streaming service
Millennials continue to be a sort of holy grail for anyone trying to make a buck in 2015. It seems every week there's a new report about their spending habits or the fact that they don't watch TV like the generations before. Comcast (CMCSA), America's largest cable operator, is paying attention and has announced a new streaming service aimed at cord cutters. These are folks who prefer to stream content through the web on their computers or mobile devices, rather than get it on their TV from a traditional pay-TV provider. The new service, aptly named Cmcast Stream, will cost users $15 a month and will be added to their internet service bill. It features a dozen major networks including HBO (TWX).

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