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Ex-Ethics Chief Roasts Trump-Defending Republicans With A List Of Future Quotes

Walter Shaub, the former head of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, on Friday called out Republican lawmakers who continue to stump for President Donald Trump.

Shaub used a Twitter thread to imagine the future quotes and reelection slogans of GOP senators who staunchly support the president or are remaining silent amid the impeachment inquiry over the Ukraine scandal.

“Though he never publicly condemned the president’s actions, historians note that his draft folder was overflowing with pointed remarks,” read one of Shaub’s tweets. Said another: “Before settling on ‘I was with you in spirit’ as her reelection slogan, her team floated ‘Off-the-record objections count’ and ‘What matters is I knew better.’”

Check out the full thread here:

Shaub later delivered a dramatic musical takedown of White House counsel Pat Cipollone’s new letter decrying the impeachment inquiry.

Cipollone in his missive released Friday told Democrats they should end the investigation into Trump over the Ukraine scandal, calling the proceedings a “charade.” Shaub hit back with a suggestion:

He also advised how people could get “the full effect” of the note:

Click on the YouTube clip to do so:

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